Peters & Nye Attorney Overview


Unparalleled Legal Expertise

The attorneys at Peters & Nye are nationally and internationally recognized as experts in the insurance industry, respected by colleagues, adversaries, clients and mediators. Peters & Nye offers insurance clients an unparalleled opportunity to be represented by counsel who have devoted their careers to complex and sophisticated insurance matters and who are intimately familiar with all aspects of the litigation process. We are not a practice group within a large firm. Every partner at Peters & Nye has decades of experience in insurance law. Therefore, we have the experience and expertise to handle multifaceted and intricate insurance matters, with the attention to detail only found in a firm solely dedicated to a single mission with a devoted team of experts. We are a team of specialists who are highly approachable, dynamic, tireless and enthusiastic.

Our Attorneys

petersnye attorney victor c peters
Victor C. Peters
petersnye attorney anastasia m nye
Anastasia Markakis Nye
petersnye attorney nancy k tordai
Nancy K. Tordai
petersnye attorney robert b fish
Robert B. Fish
petersnye attorney frank j stretz
Frank. J. Stretz
petersnye attorney ryan a notton
Ryan A. Notton
petersnye attorney garrett b peters
Garrett B. Peters
petersnye attorney connor d peters
Conner D. Peters