Fidelity Bonds

Decades of experience in bond market provides thorough legal resolution

Peters & Nye provides comprehensive services relating to claims arising under Financial Institution Bonds, Fidelity Bonds, Securities Broker/Dealer Bonds, Mortgage Broker/Banker Bonds, and Commercial Crime Policies. We have extensive nationwide experience handling cases involving employee dishonesty, computer crime, lending losses, theft, fraud, Ponzi schemes, forgery, and counterfeiting. In addition, we counsel clients in policy drafting and underwriting issues. Having worked with these types of policies for two and a half decades, Peters & Nye possesses first-hand knowledge of the historical development and evolution of this insurance product, and the implications of these developments on coverage.

Our vast experience in handling these matters allows us to quickly and efficiently analyze the underlying facts of a claim, assess a client’s potential exposure, analyze applicable legal issues and evaluate risk in a manner best suited to lead to a prompt and reasonable resolution. When handling bond claims, Peters & Nye attorneys review and analyze all pertinent material, including bank lending policies, banking regulations, the insured’s accounting books and records, and any associated criminal proceedings. If technical expertise is needed, we provide clients the added benefit of having partnerships with forensic accountants, banking and other experts. If a matter cannot be resolved amicably, our attorneys successfully represent our clients in state and federal courts across the country, as well as in mediation and arbitration proceedings. Our lawyers also effectively represent clients in salvage and subrogation matters after a claim is resolved. The broad commercial experience of our litigation counsel make them uniquely suited to pursue the insurer’s salvage and subrogation rights in court if that becomes necessary.